My life road in English

My life begins when Queen Freideríkē of the Hellenes decides to open a 500 drachma (about $2) bank account for all girls born in that year. My one and only truth: my beautiful childhood and school years, my rock solid parents – – highly appreciated only much later in life – – my brother, my special relatives and childhood friends, whom I still lean on in difficult times.

Life, however, disregarding my rather conservative upbringing, chose a different road for me to follow. Long, vivid trips were to characterize my life journey, starting with my studies in New York at the age of 19. Studying, working long, endless hours, many unforgettable trips, great professors and friends color my memories of that time, as well as a weariness, pain and disappointment… l i f e in other words. This is my dowry, together with my long experience in different work positions and a medley of strong feelings. And, this is how I present myself, today, to the world of social media, the new reality of our times.

For practical reasons only, I have divided my life journey into sections, just to make it easier for the reader.


* “Interview with Archbishop Iakovos in 1983?. This is how my journalistic journey begins in New York as a correspondent for the Greek newspaper KYRIAKI in Thessaloniki. Mr Gazouleas gives me a tour from the outside, as well as insight into the secret forces of the Greek Orthodox Archdiocese of America. For almost a decade, while living in the birth place of new ideas and social and cultural trends, I write for magazines, along with my best friend Carmelina Cartei. I set up the Italian radio station at Queens College and I present Greek American artists’ life and work in the United States for V.O.A (Voice Of America). Michael Landis – the V.O.A. director of production for 40 countries – is my teacher at this tape recorder and intro to radio journalism. A magical moment on my life journey.

* Interviews with Spanish Prime Minister Felipe Gonzales, British Prime Minister Margaret Thatcher and Italian President Kyriako de Mitta at the “European Summit? on Rhodes, Greece, in 1988, lead me to my first collaboration with the Greek National Radio station. Vasilis Riziotis and Michael Mitras are at the helm of Information. I organize and broadcast a 12 minute daily program on European topics “12 minutes for the 12,? as well as a weekly program “The European Post Office? on cultural events and current affairs in Europe. I follow closely European Union issues travelling to Brussels and Strasburg on a monthly basis.

* In 1991, along with my radio programs, I start working in Greek Television. Initially, I report and broadcast international news. Soon, I organize and broadcast news programs. At the same time, Nikos Koundouros –Program Consultant at the time – suggests that I organize and broadcast half hour theatre programs for “Monday’s Theatre?. I, also, go on journalistic assignments and exclusive, international stories.

* For the next two years, I start my introductory course on the political stage in Greece, heading the Press Office of the Ministry of the Aegean and the Ministry of Industry, while, at the same time, I work for the Press Office of the Republican Party.

* Johnny Kalimeris and Dimitris Nollas offer me a new opportunity, in 1993, in the News Department of MEGA CHANEL, the largest private T.V. station in Greece. For the following three years, I report and broadcast news programs and undertake international assignments and exclusive stories.

* In 1998, I organize and manage the first T.V. News Agency in Greece, NETNEWS. We cover news for T.V Stations in Greece and abroad. I also organize and broadcast 6 weekly news programs for a network of 22 regional T.V. stations and the satellite program of ERT (National Radio and Television). Assignments, top international stories, news programs and corporate videos represent a major part of our work for T.V. stations in Greece and abroad, as well as for clients including institutions, private companies and theatre organizations. NETNEWS is also the news agency which covered and distributed the material for the entire preparation of Athens 2004, as well as coverage of events throughout the Games for the “2004 Olympic Games Committee? in Greece.

* I continue to write articles and stories for newspapers and magazines on a freelance basis.

My journalistic work, in detail.


* My devotion to human relations goes back to my childhood, when still in school, I confront sensitive school issues (the dictatorship in Greece). During my university years, I follow the same course, always leading student, artist and professor initiatives – poetry readings, radio stations, magazines, parties, exhibitions and cultural events -.

* Returning to Greece in 1988, I work with theatre groups in Athens, including Katia Dandoulaki, Roula Pateraki, Theodore Terzopoulos)

* As a director of the Public Relations and Press Office of Mega Chanel in 1996, I organize two international congresses and two Telemarathons for Children with Special Needs. I participate in initiatives toward shaping regulatory standards in the private radio and T.V. landscape in Greece, as well as a new code of ethics.

* I work with PASOK, NEW DEMOCRACY and SYRIZA, the three major political parties, in the 2000 elections. I organize and broadcast interviews with candidate deputies for the regional Greek channels. At the same time, I work as a Communications consultant for candidate deputies.

* Since 1999 and for five years, I work as a Communications consultant for Akis Tsochatzopoulos, a major member of the Greek government, at the Ministry of National Defense, Ministry of Development, International Socialist Group and for the 2000 and 2004 elections. During this period, I organize campaigns, forums, political visits and events.

* I also work with Prefectures, Organizations and Greek Mayors and continue, today, working as a Communications consultant in the private market. At the same time, through the participation of NETRESULT in programs, I undertake responsibility for communicating European programs in Greece

My communications involvement, in detail.


* Aristotle University of Thessaloniki P.H.D. in Pirandello, Queens College Masters Program in Comparative Literature – Italian and Queens College Bachelor in English and Italian Literature with a year internship in Bologna, Italy. My education represents a string of valuable experiences which I carry in my suitcase on the academic journey of my life.

* As a high school graduate, I start teaching English at DIDACTA, a private language school.

Starting in 1984 and, for the next three years, I accept the position as an Adjunct Lecturer, teaching Italian in the Italian Department of Romance Languages, at Queens College, City University of New York.

The magical experience of teaching continues when I return to Greece. In 1990, Marios Ploritis honours me by asking me to teach Journalism and Theatre with him at the newly established Departments of “Communications and Mass Media? and “Theatre Studies? of the Kappodistriako University of Athens.

In 1998, I accept the post of visiting professor and teach International Relationships and Media for the “International and European Department?, as well as for the “Communications, Media and Culture Department? of the Panteio University in Athens.

In 2007 and for the next two years, I teach journalism at the “Journalism and Mass Media Department? of Aristotle University of Thessaloniki.

* My interest in science and knowledge is ongoing. With two published books and one, soon to be published, participation in publications, my own academic publications, class notes, organization and participation in approximately 30 congresses, Exhibitions, academic and other events, and, with many references to my academic work, my journey to acquiring knowledge is nonstop.

My journey to Knowledge, in detail.


* My administrative abilities are first tested when, as a student, I’m asked to set up a radio station and two magazines, while my inspiring professor Peter Carravetta assigns me to the role of assistant to the editor of the philosophy magazine DIFFERENTIA.

* Professionally, though, I was tested in 1995, when the President of MEGA CHANNEL Antonis Theocharis asks me to establish and direct the new Communications and Press Office Department.

* In 1998, I establish the first T.V. News Agency in Greece, NETNEWS A.E. which I represent today.

* In 2000, I establish the Strategic Communications Company NETRESULT L.T.D. which I represent today.


Until ten years ago, my profound connection to my Black Sea roots was not so obvious. Eventually, it dramatically appearanced in my life and its power has left me spellbound.

As a Greek from the Black Sea and as a Board Member of the historical Pontian Club “Argonautes Komninoi? in Athens, the Pontian Question is now an active part of my life. As a result, I develop collaborations with university departments in Greece and abroad, as well as collaborations with international committees. I, also, participate in strategic and actions planning concerning the Pontian Question. You can always find me dancing at Parakath?.

Another major issue in my life is DIONYSOS. Since 2006, when I met the blessed team, I fully support the efforts of the “Theatre Laboratory of Orestiada? (the Greek border city with Turkey in the north of Greece). As their friend, I organize and communicate the theatrical and broader activities of this sensitive area.

Finally, I support quality and healthy food (if and where there is such, nowadays), the thermal spa in Aridaia, alternative treatment and the natural way of living, in general.